An affordable, comprehensive cleaning program to help organizations stay open and keep people safe.
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An affordable, comprehensive cleaning program to help organizations stay open and keep people safe.
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Restore Confidence With a Better Way to Clean

As the virus continues to spread, businesses and schools need to find ways to keep their doors open.

But, the truth is, many organizations aren’t doing everything they can to keep their spaces clean. For some it’s a resource issue, for others they don’t know there are better options.

As a life-long professional in the cleaning and restoration industries, I can’t stand by and watch as leaders struggle to stay open. I have a hard time doing nothing when I know there’s a better way.

That’s why we set out to create the most affordable, comprehensive cleaning service available in the Greater Louisville area. The Complete Clean System is a better, easier way for our communities to clean!

You need to stay open. We’re here to help.

Your Neighbor,

Mike Maloney
Owner, Content Restorology

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What is the Complete Clean System?

We are serious about providing a complete 360-degree cleaning of your space. Our approach tackles, both airborne and surface contaminants, giving you continuous protection from germs, bacteria, and viruses. 


First, a Hydroxyl Generator with UV light technology is placed in your space to clean and sanitize the air. Initially developed for NASA space shuttles, these machines safely remove odors and germs from occupied spaces.

Image of Hydroxyl Cleaning Generator


Next, your facility is sprayed with Benefect®, an EPA-approved disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Made from plant extracts, this botanical solution is 100% safe for people and the environment.

Benefect cleaning solution
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Finally, all surfaces and touchpoints inside your location are sanitized with BIOPROTECT 500. This water-based anti-microbial actively kills and inhibits bacteria and virus growth for up to 90 days.

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At Content Restorology, we follow the CDC’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting facilities. We recommend you follow them too.

Our Cleaning Packages

All packages include air and surface cleaning, and require a 3-month minimum service agreement.

Types of Facilities We Clean 


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Law Offices


image of retail store

Retail Store

image of dental office

Medical Offices

image of church sanctuary


places we clean

Spas & Salons

Office Buildings

We’re Here to Help!